Kate Middleton filmed and replaced by a double? The author of the video tells what he really saw that day and makes revelations

Where is Kate Middleton and how is she? These questions had been coming up repeatedly for several days. Even more so after the retouched family portrait of her, published on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This photo only fueled the craziest rumors. This Monday, March 18, a video of Kate Middleton and Prince William was published. It shows the Princess of Wales looking great, smiling and relaxed, during a public outing to a local farm in Windsor. The sequence, which should have reassured the public and the media, gave way to a wave of even crazier theories. The most common? Kate Middleton would have been replaced by someone else. In In the columns of SunNelson Silva, author of the video, remembers the moment he met the princely couple and decided to take out his phone to immortalize it…

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A rare moment

He first saw Kate Middleton and Prince William in line at the store, when they were about to pay for their purchases. The couple was warm and did not hesitate to chat with the staff: “ I couldn’t hear what they were saying. (…)When I paid for my items, the saleswoman was so shocked that she had trouble breathing. »

Only once, after returning to his car, did he decide to film them without their knowledge to show the video to his family who lives in Portugal: “ I started recording as they walked to the parking lot. They looked very happy and relaxed together. William was obviously protective. “He specifies:” I quickly stopped filming so as not to make them uncomfortable. »

On the ITV channel, Heidi Agan breaks the silence. She explains that she does not appear in the images released: “ jI was not there! Was not me. I’m 100% sure it was Kate and William in this video. “.

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