Kate Middleton hospitalized: these details about her operation hidden from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle… “They don’t trust them”

Last January, the world learned that Kate Middleton had undergone surgery in complete secrecy. The Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery. The royal family has not revealed any further details. The mystery remains unsolved and information regarding her state of health is a matter of defense secrecy. Enough to force the employees of the hospital where she was received to consult her medical record without being authorized to do so. So far no information has been leaked to the press. The princess’s wishes to keep her information private are respected. Some of Kate Middleton’s closest collaborators had not been informed of this operation. They reported that “ nothing indicated that something was wrong » about your state of health. Other people excluded? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were also not taken into confidence at certain points.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent a message to Kate Middleton to express their support and wish her a speedy recovery. However, the royal family deliberately kept them apart. In the columns of Mirror, A relative says: “ They know everything that’s going on in England, but they don’t have any details about Kate. They clearly don’t trust them. »

Prince Harry had made a quick trip back to see his father, King Charles, who had announced that he had cancer. Present in London, he had not visited Kate Middleton, who had just had surgery. His meeting is not on the agenda. In the columns of Peopleconfided a source: “ It would make sense to go see your sister-in-law who had a serious operation, as well as your niece and nephews. But this did not happen. It’s terribly sad. »

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