Linda Evangelista claims her celibacy and inspires us

Since I’m a hopeless romantic, a fan of romantic movies, and have even been envious of certain couples, you might be surprised to know that I’m actually a big fan of the single life. Especially when experienced, magnificently, by a woman in her fifties who doesn’t have time to deal with an indecisive man.

The life that the top model seems to lead Linda Evangelista. She, who recently spoke on this topic, declaring to the Sunday time: “I don’t want to sleep with anyone anymore. I don’t want to hear anyone breathe next to me.”

The interview reveals that she hasn’t been on a date since her surgical incident in 2016 which she says left her “unrecognizable.” Personally, I find it brave that a 58-year-old woman (especially a mother whose previous marriage ended in divorce) would admit that dating is not her priority. Women who have experienced trauma and abuse, whether at work or in their relationships, rarely have the space and tools they need to heal, and I’m glad to know that she prefers to settle. do what she does for now.

This sentiment also recalls the bias of Whoopi Goldberg, who confessed that he no longer wanted to live as a couple. But there is also grace in this feeling; After all, as women, we are so often pushed to find a man that it can be difficult to stop and ask ourselves if we really want one. Before entering my current relationship, I spent the previous decade mostly single but desperately trying not to be, and I can attest that I didn’t find peace (or, for that matter, my partner) before I was able to appreciate my little one. things that so often characterize life without a partner: being able to cook whatever you want for dinner, always having control of the television remote control or even delighting in the blessed silence when trying to fall asleep.

I’m not trying to disparage married life (and, for the record, I should point out that I’m the one who snores, not my partner), but I think the supermodel’s claim that she doesn’t want to “hear someone breathe” is a real powerhouse. of liberation. I truly believe that being alone can be just as powerful and meaningful as being with someone, and it’s a step that everyone (especially serial daters, which I myself have been through) should happen at one time or another. He is giving Agn├Ęs Varda a leading role! He’s giving Cameron Diaz the chance to dance solo to “Mr. Brightside” on The holidays! You are giving young women inspiring new role models!

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