Prince Harry and the butterfly hug: here is his secret since the death of his mother, Princess Diana… This anti-stress trick allows him to calm down in a few seconds

Since his early childhood, Prince Harry, like his brother Prince William, has been under constant stress. Followed by paparazzi even on the ski slopes with his mother, Princess Diana, he experienced very little peace and serenity. He finds it impossible to move incognito. As expected, this overexposure has an impact on his well-being and his mind. Mental health is an issue that especially affects you. In 2021, he spoke about this topic by attending an EMDR therapy session, which he regularly practices. EMDR for Eye, Movement, Desensitization, Reprocessing, which can be translated as desensitization and reprocessing through eye movements. This is a therapeutic approach to eye movement psychotherapy. The goal ? Target traumatic memories and thus deal with the consequences of the trauma. To do this, the traumatic memory combined with sensory stimulation is mentally recalled.

When he feels stressed and anxious, Prince Harry calms himself with a simple gesture called a “butterfly hug,” inspired by EMDR therapy. This therapeutic hug was developed in 1997 by Lucina Artigas and Ignacio Jarero.

He sometimes uses this process in relation to his story: “ Unfortunately, because of what happened to my mother, and because of what I experienced and saw. »

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A simple exercise

The technique is accessible to everyone. Simply cross your arms while placing your hands on your shoulders, forming a butterfly. All you have to do is close your eyes and pat yourself on the shoulders. It is also advisable to focus on breathing, which should be slower, on the sensation produced by tapping while thinking about a calming memory.

The idea is to anchor yourself in the present moment for a minute or more if necessary.

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