This new Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism is perfect if you love fashion and design

Rolls-Royce (RR) presented the Ghost Prism, a special edition to celebrate its 120 yearsmy birthday. For the occasion, the luxury car manufacturer has revised its flagship model, this time to the delight of fashion lovers.

A Rolls-Royce available in red, yellow, orange and turquoise tones

Rolls-Royce’s business is mainly based on special editions. The company has always offered its customers an almost infinite range of customization options, from the body color to the dashboard, including interior trim. The latest Ghost Prism is a special case: it is “inspired by the world of contemporary design” and is especially aimed at design and fashion enthusiasts.

After selecting one of several main colors, the Ghost Prism buyer can choose from four accent palettes: Forge Yellow, Phoenix Red, Mandarin, and Turquoise. Focusing on contrast, these hues are applied to sections of the lower bumper, brake calipers and accent line during a 16-hour hand polishing process.

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Rolls-Royce’s press kit does not mention any significant changes to the cabin, although images of the Ghost Prism show that accent colors may also be used inside. RR’s signature starry sky option is there to give you the impression of traveling on the roads under the starry sky.

Anders Warming, Rolls-Royce Design Director, said at the launch: “We trust the tastes and desires of our customers because they are the ones who dictate global trends in fashion and luxury. “The innovative contrast between neutral tones and subtle accent colors firmly anchors Ghost Prism in the contemporary luxury landscape.”

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