Why March salary will surely arrive a little late

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Whether significant or not, salary is always something highly anticipated by most workers. Generally in bank accounts at the end of the month, the salary will be a little late in March 2024. Blame it on the calendar.

A calendar story

As seen the geek diary, the Target 2 system, which manages bank transfers between different establishments in Europe, closes periodically. This is the case, in particular, during the weekends.

For this reason, a transfer made on Friday usually arrives on Monday (or even Tuesday, depending on the banking establishment).

Weekends aren’t the only days Target 2 goes down. The same goes for public holidays, which are harmonized at European level.

And in 2024, Good Friday (a public holiday in Germany) falls on Friday, March 29, 2024. It is followed, the following Monday, by Easter Monday, which falls on March 1.Ahem April, holiday in France.

Specifically, money movements between Banks will be suspended between the night of Thursday, March 28 and Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Therefore, a transfer made on Thursday will have great difficulty reaching the beneficiary’s account before the system reopens on April 2.

Some transfers are still accessible

However, it will still be possible to make transfers between two accounts at the same bank. The order does not necessarily have to go through the Target 2 system.

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In the same sense, an extension of said system allows you to continue sending instant transfers. Please note that, although they will become free in the coming months thanks to a decision at the European level, for the moment they remain paid.

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