Celine Dion is sick: she sings in public for the first time, here is the video… Her voice is intact despite the illness

Is Celine Dion back? After a long period of fighting the disease, the singer seems to be regaining his health. In December 2022, she announced that she was suffering from stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological disease that led her to suspend her career and cancel her world tour. Courage World Tour. The star is walled in silence and holed up in her home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Followed by the greatest specialists, she focused on her care and treatments.

In early 2024, Céline Dion increases her outings, suggesting she is doing better. After having stepped on the stage of Grammy awards Last February, after being spotted in New York, not far from a recording studio, the Quebec star did her show behind the scenes of a hockey game. Accompanied by her sons, twins Nelson and Eddy (13 years old), she attended the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers game this Thursday night.

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she sings for the first time

Dressed all in beige, Céline Dion caused a sensation in the stands. She is seen all smiles, intensely living the game with her children. True to herself, dynamic and cheerful, Céline Dion gets up and plays a little guitar melody.

Céline Dion went to the locker room and took the place of Bruins coach Jim Montgomery to motivate the players. She made them laugh and surprised them by singing the lyrics to a song. It’s been months since she last sang… This rare intervention is an event. Celine Dion conveyed her determination and mental strength to them.
Shared on the Bruins’ Instagram account, the sequence delighted Internet users, delighted to find Céline Dion in good shape. “ With everything that has happened health-wise, he looks good. “, ” Incredible and fun, I’m glad she’s better. “, ” She is perfect in this role. “, ” What a surprise! Long live Celine! “.

Last October, Céline Dion also sang, in a similar context, for the Montreal Canadiens team. This moment was not filmed. A witness said: “ It was an incredible moment. She is a womanextraordinary “.

At the beginning of March, in the columns of Montreal Journal, Claudette Dion recalled her little sister’s appearance at the Grammy Awards. TheyHe says he’s encouraged to have seen Céline stand tall and look so good on stage. » Despite his health problems, he is doing well. “Her sister confesses that she has mental health” Truly amazing “. To demonstrate this, Claudette Dion shares a personal anecdote: “ We had a little Zoom, we were talking and she said, “Do you want me to sing you a song?” She sang us a little song. She’s really good. »
In December 2023, from 7 daysClaudette Dion maintained hope tinged with pessimism: “ It is true that, in our dreams and in his, the idea is to return to the stage. In what state? Don’t know. The vocal cords are muscles and the heart is also a muscle. (…) Since it’s one in millions, scientists didn’t do much research because it didn’t affect that many people. »

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