Paris 2024 Olympic Games: barely distributed among schoolchildren, 2 euro coins are sold at a high price

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Commemorative coins for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games were distributed to schoolchildren starting February 21, 2024, worth two eurosaccompanied by a small notebook about the Olympic Games, In the heart of the Games.

An initiative that went down badly among the teachers and that is still being talked about weeks later. Because, much to the surprise of the Paris Mint that minted these coins, resell today at a high price In Internet.

250 euros per two euro coin

As seen franceinfoadvertisements appeared on the private sales site Leboncoin to resell these coins, intended for schoolchildren from CP to CM2.

The media reports seeing ads for between 25 and 30 euros, but also at higher prices, such as 250 euros. the tallest being €600.

And the sellers stated that those two-euro coins were indeed the ones distributed in schools.

The “astonishment” of the Paris Mint

Contacted by actu.frThe Paris Mint, which minted these coins, expressed its “astonishment at the resale of this model.”

The rarest models with different shines and polishes will be produced in a few thousand copies and will go on sale during June and will be of true collector’s quality.

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Because that’s the whole difference. The pieces distributed in schools are “commemorative” coinstherefore less worked.

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if the parties “collector quality” “will have every chance of being resold at prices above their face value” (i.e. more expensive than the number on the coin), this is less true of the coin distributed to schoolchildren.

24 million commemorative coins in total

Furthermore, the Paris Mint announces that if four million coins have been distributed to educational establishments, 20 million more “have been put into official circulation during the month of June.”

In addition to being a less elaborate piece, this will be considered “a relatively rare model” but “nevertheless it will represent a great attraction in proportion to the total number of coins in circulation.

Please understand that they are absolutely not worth the prohibitive prices that some display in their resale ads.

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