Princess Charlene is ill: Albert of Monaco gives news of her state of health

Charlene from Monaco went through a difficult period between 2021 and 2022. She first suffered a serious infection in the ENT field, while she was in South Africa, then she was admitted to a center to treat deep discomfort and great fatigue. At that time, rumors abounded as her convalescence dragged on for many months and she, her husband, and her two children, Jacques and Gabriella, were away from the Rock. The couple is said to be on the brink of divorce… Prince Albert returns to these terrible experiences in an interview with Paris Party. He begins by reassuring: “ The princess is fine now, but she was also affected by me and saddened by some things in the media. We support each other. »

After a long media absence, Princess Charlene has been returning little by little. She is involved in the life of the principality and attends events. Prince Albert says on this subject: “ It is true that he has resumed many activities, more public commitments and everyone is happy. She also wants to get more involved. “. This necessary rest was saving. Charlene of Monaco is once again radiant and in top form, as her numerous appearances attest. Prince Albert’s philosophy? It is tinged with optimism: “ We always come out stronger from the challenges we have gone through. »

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A united family despite the difficulties

Prince Albert makes some secrets about his role: “ If I told you that I love my role as a 24/7 ruler, I wouldn’t be honest with myself. There are difficult moments and other extraordinary, intense ones, moments of joy and sharing, exciting encounters with interesting personalities and moments of great satisfaction when we manage to launch projects and new ideas. Sharing your visions with everyone is the hardest part. “. Regarding the next Olympic Games, Prince Albert feels especially worried. He expresses his wishes: “ The history of my family and that of my relationship with Princess Charlene are obviously linked to the Games. I will be there for those from Paris and, with the princess, we will cheer on the Principality’s athletes and follow the swimming and athletics competitions.»

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