The 5 things you should do to transform your negative thoughts into positive thoughts that will lead you to success

Negative thoughts do not help you at all, so it is better to learn to transform them into positive thoughts, thoughts of success, which are the ones that can really help you prosper, motivate you, and continue to improve yourself to achieve your goals. The problem with negative thoughts is that they make you doubt yourself, cause stress and anxiety, which can hinder your success by affecting your productivity and performance at work, or even be detrimental to your relationships.

But there is a silver lining at the end of the road: negative thoughts only exist in your mind, you generate them yourself, which means you can find a way to control them to gain perspective and a more positive, constructive mindset to succeed. It’s also not about being unrealistic or falling into toxic positivity, but about learning to turn things around and stop overwhelming yourself, and make sure that what’s going on in your mind works in your favor. How to create positive thoughts and stop negative ones?

Try to get out of your comfort zone from time to time

Negative thoughts lead you to believe that you should not explore, experiment, change or try new things, they scare you and lead you to think that you will fail. Hence the importance of constantly challenging yourself and looking for small ways to get out of your comfort zone.

According’Australian Business Institute, helps you better cope with difficulties and uncertainty, and gives you the opportunity to learn and grow. So make a short list of challenges that you find interesting or engaging and find ways to tackle them at your own pace.

Change your perspective on failure

The fear of making a mistake is common and many people see it as a sign of failure, inadequacy or even weakness, but it is important to change this narrative. We need to understand that mistakes are part of life, but what is important and what makes the difference is what we decide to do with them. We must see errors, failures and mistakes as opportunities to analyze our processes, to improve, to discover what we can change or what we should work on, not as a reason to give up or let ourselves be overwhelmed.

set a goal

According to psychologists, setting goals helps you feel happier, gives you a purpose and helps you improve yourself and have a reason to continue with your personal development. Therefore, we must not be content with achieving a goal, but constantly look for the next step and other ways to evolve, because this is what will prevent us from standing still to move forward better and work on ourselves. And there are no small goals: everything adds up.

Stop negative thoughts as soon as they arise

Even the most positive and successful people often have negative thoughts, the big difference is that they identify them and prevent them from taking control. To do this, end negative thinking, avoid thinking and amplify it, either by introducing a positive thought, looking for the good side of things or finding a distraction that can help you free your mind and find your good mood.

Make a list of positive things

still accordingAustralian Business Institute, another way to create a positive mindset for success and stop negativity is to periodically remind yourself of positive things, your successes and strengths, and anything you are grateful for. This helps you find balance, but also focus your attention on the positive things that are most useful in your life.

Originally published in GQ Mexico

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