Dog: tips to communicate with your animal and make yourself understood

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It is not because it does not speak the same language as us that a dog is not capable of communicate. All owners know it: whether asking to go out, asking for a pet or calling our four-legged companion’s attention. knows how to make himself understood very well !

But to successfully train your dog, it is also very important to make yourself understood. Communication is key, but how to do with his pet?

Be brief and coherent

Without offending anyone who likes to address their dog as they would a human, there is no point in giving long speeches to make themselves understood.

Instead of saying, “I ask that you do not touch this object,” be brief and incisive, like: “Don’t touch! “. And above all, keep every time the same word or expression.

If your dog does what you want, reward him with a pet or a treat. Then he will know that he has adopted the correct behavior.

If not, make it clear with a resounding “No”, without reward. His intonation It is also very important.

Are you angry ? Communicate… like growling dogs. You are happy ? Don’t hesitate to increase the treble.

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Capture his gaze

Communication with your dog will also pass by the look. Have you never noticed?

You sit quietly reading the newspaper. Your dog reaches your feet and looks you straight in the eyes. His message is clear: “come play with me.”

For your part, do not hesitate to Look him in the eyes when you want to get his attention..

Gestures are important

Communication with your pet can also follow the movements. But to have clear language with him, it is essential to always use the same gestures, and always give them the same meaning. For example, lower your hand to the floor to encourage him to sit.

Additionally, it is very important to teach your dog From the earliest age, that the comings and goings of his master at home are part of life. This way you will prevent him from getting anxious.

When you leave, be as neutral as possible. Adopt the same attitude when you return: no big outpourings. “This way you will communicate to your dog that everything is fine, that there is no danger to the house or to him,” indicates the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

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