Going on vacation during the Olympic Games: “Customers are beginning to give up due to high prices”

While high inflation has undermined household finances for two years, Didier Arino, CEO of Protourisme, a specialist consultancy, estimates that the French budget dedicated to holidays will decrease by 7% this year.

Vacation rental prices skyrocket, even during Olympic Games time. How do you explain it?

DIDIER ARINO. Professionals in the sector pass on the increase in their costs more than proportionally to vacationers. This is not a new phenomenon, we have been observing it since the end of the health crisis. Hotels, and especially campsites, have absorbed a significant increase in their costs, whether in salaries, energy or raw materials. But they also took advantage of the desire for vacations of the French, frustrated by the successive confinements, who were willing to leave at any price. Today, professionals do it again. For this summer we estimate increases of 7%, on average.

Didier Arino, general director of Protourisme, estimates that the French budget dedicated to holidays will decrease by 7% this year. D.R.

Are they taking advantage of the tourist attraction of the Olympic Games to inflate prices?

Outside of Île-de-France and the areas where Olympic events are held, I don’t think so. First of all, the clientele of the Olympic Games seems overestimated to me. “She is not the one who will spend her vacation in campsites and hotels located on the coast. » We will not see rich American or Japanese tourists wandering around France during the two weeks of competition. There will be foreign clientele, of course, but in the same proportions as in previous years.

In a context of purchasing power crisis, can these increases prevent families from leaving?

Yes, customers are starting to give up on high prices. Mobile homes, for example, are becoming unaffordable. A night is now sold for 300 euros and can reach 600 euros in the so-called premium campsites. However, for the first time since 2019, the French budget dedicated to holidays will fall by 7%, according to our forecasts. In the statistics we already see a slowdown. Last year, at the same time, there were 12% more reservations. The number of overnight stays also decreased by 3%. Now, families are turning to Airbnb-style furnished rentals. A change occurs. Professionals in the sector must be careful not to lose people.

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