Gold Coast. Deaf high school students: “Our children are put in a regular class, but they cannot follow the lessons”

At school, 12-year-old Salaheddine can’t forget his difference. Profoundly deaf since birth, he has tried several hearing implants, but without success. He is 100% deaf, like 1% of deaf people, because he has no hearing nerve.

Like all deaf children, the young man attended the Eiffel school in Dijon, kindergarten and primary school. Very soon, Ouiham, her mother, realizes that she will have to fight so that her son receives the support appropriate to her needs. Then this year, not without apprehension, Salaheddine entered university. Here too there is no choice: it will be Gaston-Bachelard, in Ulis’ auditory function disorders (TFA) class, both for him and for his friends from the Eiffel school.

“It is excluded”

College, for any child, is the big league. Large classes, teachers per subject, different classrooms, many people… You shouldn’t be left behind. But quickly, Ouiham’s concerns transform…

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