Money-Family. How to cancel your retirement application?

The recent pension reform meant a postponement of the legal age, making it necessary for certain workers who had already submitted their retirement application to request the cancellation of their application in order to work for a few more months.

For this reason, the Government has granted them a delay of several months. The cancellation of your retirement application is, in any case, possible as long as it does not end on the notification date.

One writing is enough

Indeed, when you request your withdrawal from your fund, it takes a certain amount of time to study your file until it notifies you that this examination has been completed and specifies by mail the amount of your withdrawal as well as the date of the start of the liquidation. of his rights (his retirement date).

Until this notification you may stop the process and cancel your withdrawal request, without any justification. You will simply be asked to leave a written record of your decision, that is, a letter.

More complex cancellation

If you have already been notified of your departure date, things get complicated. In fact, on this date he is considered officially retired and this decision is final.

Therefore, your cancellation request can only be examined in two very specific cases. The first is related to an error by the pension fund, more precisely to a lack of information on its part that could prevent “the insured may benefit from more advantageous provisions that take effect between the starting point chosen by the insured and the notification of the granting of retirement”specifies Retirement Insurance in its legislation.

This provides for a second case: “if more advantageous provisions were adopted after the start of retirement and, at the latest, two months after notification”.

The only competent authority is the Retirement Insurance Friendly Appeal Commission, which is then contacted to rule on the application. If approved, you may request a refund of amounts already paid.

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