New wave of threats of attacks against educational establishments, this time in Upper France

Threats of attacks against schools in Upper France were spread on Saturday, March 23 and the day before through their hacked digital workspaces (ENT), as Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned from police sources and the rectorate of Amiens.

About fifty establishments in the Ile-de-France, mainly secondary schools, had already been the subject of similar threats on Wednesday and Thursday.

“On Monday 122 establishments will explode”, is written in a message sent to parents of students at a school in Lille, consulted by AFP. Its author also threatens the television channel CNews, owned by billionaire Vincent Bolloré.

“Last night the otorhinolaryngology accounts of several academic establishments were hacked”acknowledged the rectorate of Lille in a press release, refusing to specify the number of establishments affected. “For each situation, the representative of the police or gendarmerie is contacted and a complaint will be filed”he adds.

At the neighboring Amiens academy, the rectorate acknowledged a hack of the same order. ” In this state “five establishments ” they are worried “three secondary schools and two secondary schools, the Somme prefecture reported at midday.

Like the one sent to the Lille school, the message received by the Amiens academy establishments “represents a series of establishments” objective, adds the rectorate.

“Schools remain open this Monday, under reinforced security conditions for the five aforementioned establishments”in the presence, in particular, of police and gendarmerie forces, underlines the Somme prefecture. “The complaints were presented in parallel by the heads of the establishment and by the rectorate to allow the first investigations”specifies.

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inter-ministerial meeting

“Regarding the impact of Monday, each situation is managed on a case-by-case basis thanks to the coordination between the prefecture, the police, the gendarmerie and the establishment”in collaboration with the rectorate and the Ministry of Education, adds the rectorate of Amiens.

” Several “ The complaints were made on the Pharos platform, which allows users to report illegal content online, according to a police source cited by AFP. “Complaints will be filed”directs the rectory of Amiens.

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“They think they remain anonymous but we track them. They think they are safe but we sanction them. “Several dozen perpetrators of these threats, which occurred in recent months, have already been brought to justice.”Prime Minister Gabriel Attal declared on Thursday afternoon after an inter-ministerial meeting on the security of educational centers in Matignon.

The government had counted 800 false bomb threats in mid-November, during a previous series of alerts in the fall. They multiplied after the jihadist attack that cost the life of Professor Dominique Bernard, in Arras (Pas de Calais), on October 13, 2023.

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