Participate in Earth Hour to change the world!

Will you be one of those who turn off their lights this Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 8:30 p.m.? for 18my consecutive year, in any case, theearth hour It will encourage us to show our support for the fight against climate change. And more broadly to the preservation of living beings. A look back at the history of this national initiative that became a global event.

Iearth hour. You probably know it. This hour during which the World Wildlife FundWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF) now invites us every year, as a show of support for the fight against global warming, to turn off our lightslights. It will be this Saturday, March 23, starting at 8:30 p.m. local time, anywhere in the world. But do you know the history of this? motionmotion become incredibly popular? Did you know that now there is more than just the simple gesture of pressing a switch?

Earth Hour, from Australia to the world

It all started in 2007. In Sydney. With the rather modest ambition of showing a then climate-sceptical Australian government that the issue concerned people like you and me. More than 2.2 million people turned off their lights that Saturday, March 31.

Since 2008, the movement has gained momentum. In no less than 35 countries, some 50 million anonymous people flipped their switch that year. The Golden Gate and the Coliseum were among the first monuments to be plunged into darkness for the occasion. And in 2009, theearth hour has officially become the largest grassroots environmental movement in the world.

Then more concrete actions emerged. The movement earth hour was at the origin of:

  • the reforestation of 2,700 hectares in Uganda;
  • a law for better protection of the seas against pollution hydrocarbonshydrocarbons and the suspension of new projects in the Arctic for Russia;
  • the creation of the largest marine protected area in Argentina;
  • the creation of a natural park in Malaysia;
  • the end of the bags the plasticthe plastic in the Galapagos Islands;

Accelerate movement with “Greater Earth Hour”

In 2023, the movement has advanced further to speedspeed higher with the launch of the “The greatest hour on the planet”understand “the most important hour on the planet”. The idea: no longer ask the world to simply turn off its lights for an hour, but ask populations to dedicate an hour of their time to the Earth.

The stated objective was to reach the symbolic bar of 60,000 hours of commitment, like the seven years that then separated the world from 2030 and potentially irreversible damage to our climate and living beings. And this objective was destroyed. More than 410,000 hours have been promised in the “Hour Bank” online.

History can continue to be written this year. If you lack inspiration, ideas are offered on the site. earth hour. There is something for everyone. From a nature clean-up operation to an evening of stargazing, recycling activities, writing a poem or even dinner at a restaurant. friendly to the planet ». So will you be there?

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