Security. Attack threats: they target schools in Hauts-de-France

After those in the Paris region, it is the turn of educational centers in Upper France to be the subject of threats of attack. According to a police source and the Amiens rectorate, the messages were spread on Friday night and this Saturday morning through their hacked Digital Workspaces (ENT).

“On Monday 122 establishments will explode”

“On Monday 122 establishments will explode,” is written, for example, in a message sent to parents of students at a school in Lille. The author of the text also threatens to attack the CNews television channel, owned by billionaire Vincent Bolloré.

At the neighboring Amiens academy, “the otorhinolaryngology accounts of several establishments were hacked last night,” said the Amiens rectorate, without being able to specify the number of establishments affected. Like the one sent to the Lille school, the message received by the establishments of the Amiens academy “clearly reports a series of establishments” attacked, adds the rectorate, which specifies that “the threat seems to affect several departments” and academies. .

“Regarding the impact of Monday, each situation is managed on a case-by-case basis thanks to the coordination between the prefecture, the police, the gendarmerie and the establishment”, in collaboration with the rectorate and the Ministry of Education, adds the rectorate of Amiens.

The government “tracks” the perpetrators

“Several” complaints were made on the Pharos platform, which allows reporting illegal content online, a police source said. “Complaints will be filed,” assures the Amiens rectorate.

About fifty establishments in the Ile-de-France, mainly secondary schools, suffered a similar wave on Wednesday and Thursday, by sending messages threatening an attack on their otorhinolaryngology platforms accompanied by a beheading video.

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