Listeria: ham sold at Lidl withdrawn from the market in part of France, list of stores affected

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Another alert related to listeria, the bacteria responsible for listeriosis. The official RappelConso website reports a recall of ham sold in some Lidl stores in France, on Friday, March 22, 2024.

This is the superior ham without rind Label Rouge 4 Slices 160g, brand
Saint Alby, sold from March 21 to 22, 2024, under the following references:

  • Barcode: 4056489040408
  • Lot: 07524
  • Expiration date: 04/09/2024

Refund procedure

Not all Lidl stores are affected. The list of shops located in the Aisne, Aube, Loiret, Oise and part of Île-de-France can be found at this address.

If you have purchased this product, you are welcome to discontinue consumption, destroy it, or return it for a refund. A procedure extends until Saturday, April 6, 2024. If necessary, contact consumer service at 0800 900 343.

Between 350 and 400 cases of listeriosis in France each year

Listeria is responsible for between 350 and 400 infections a year in France. It can cause fever, isolated or accompanied by headache and body aches.

Sometimes severe forms with neurological complications and maternal or fetal damage can also occur in pregnant women. Pregnant women, as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly should pay special attention to these symptoms. Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious and has an incubation period of up to eight weeks.


If you have these symptoms, or if you are at risk, consult your doctor and report this consumption.

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