What are the most sustainable beaches in the world?

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    Eco-responsible commitment occupies an increasingly important place in the lifestyle of citizens, even when they are away from home! Some travelers consider the issue of sustainability even when relaxing on the beach. And in this area the prize goes to an English beach, according to a recent ranking prepared by TripAdvisor.

    Waste reduction, preserved ecosystems, clean water… The beaches have also turned green. Some of them even tick almost all the boxes, if we refer to this top 10 most sustainable beaches, prepared from the recommendations of TripAdvisor users. At the top of the list is Sandbanks Beach, located in the south of England, less than 200 kilometers from London. This place wins above all for its cleanliness. In fact, local associations periodically carry out waste collection operations on this beach.

    In second place is Radhanagar Beach, located in the Andaman Islands, southeast of India. Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country (or even in Asia), it stands out according to TripAdvisor users for the cleanliness of its sand, but also for the clarity of its blue-green waters, its lush vegetation and its numerous marine beaches. species. Another UK beach comes third on the list: Saundersfoot in south-west Wales, praised for its “clear blue waters”.

    Of the ten beaches that appear in this top, seven of them are located in Europe: two in Greece, two in the United Kingdom, one in Cyprus, one in Malta and one in Spain.

    Top 10 of the most sustainable beaches according to TripAdvisor:

    1- SandBanks Beach, United Kingdom

    2- Radhanagar Beach, India

    3- Saundersfoot, Wales

    4- Corniche Beach, United Arab Emirates

    5- Galissas Beach, Greece

    6- Nissi Beach, Cyprus

    7- Mellieha Beach, Malta

    8- Myrtos Beach, Greece

    9-Playa Blanca, Spain

    10- Camp’s Bay Beach, South Africa

    This top “sustainable beaches” is part of a broader ranking of the best beaches that the travel booking platform publishes each year. In 2024, Praia da Falésia beach, located in the Algarve in Portugal, takes the prize. It owes its first place on the podium to its cliffs considered spectacular, its golden sand, its brilliant blue waters and its panoramic walks.

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