2nd year courses: this Monday a platform opens to help high school students

Less than three months before the mandatory two-week internship scheduled for June for 2nd year classesofThe 560,000 affected secondary school students, in the general and technological sectors, will have access starting Monday, March 25, to a platform that should remedy the lack of offers.

Previously, classes of 2of They began their summer vacations at the beginning of June, due to teachers and high schools mobilized by the high school organization. But the current Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, wanted, when he was Minister of National Education, to address a problem “royal reconquest of the month of June” – like others before him.

On his initiative, the second half of June will be dedicated this year to the first and last year’s baccalaureate exams. “an internship in a professional environment” for bothfrom.

These mandatory internships, in a company, association or public service, will last two weeks, from June 17 to 28, for all students of 2of in general and technological sectors formed in the public and private sectors. The objective – according to the ministry that will soon publish a circular – is“deepen your career discovery, better prepare and strengthen your career options.”

To help these 15 and 16 year old students, a platform for collecting offers opens on Monday, accessible from the specific “1jeune1solution” space. But, with less than three months until the deadline, many high school students have not yet validated an internship agreement or, for some, have not even started looking for one. Questioned by Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Ministry of National Education did not communicate the number of offers available on this platform.

“The end of March is too late”

In Lille, the director of the Montebello international institute makes a quick calculation: “Of 460 students from 2ofI only have twenty agreements signed so far, it is very little”laments the head of the unionized establishment of the Snpden-UNSA, interviewed by AFP, for whom it is “What a shame that the platform does not open until the end of March, it is already too late”.

And what will happen if a student cannot find an internship? “The student is welcomed in your establishment” AND “benefits from online solutions to discover professional environments and conducts documentary research to clarify or refine your orientation project”we can read on the national education website.

” Impossiblethe director of the Turgot institute in Paris tells AFP. It is a red period where the entire secondary school is monopolized in the baccalaureate exams, with the written and oral tests, so there is no time to manage the 2from without practices. »

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