Audi Q5: we tested the Sportback version and here’s why we no longer wanted to build this luxury SUV

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The rear of this Audi Q5 Sportback is absolutely gorgeous. Come on, we would almost dare to say that we loved it as much as when we discovered, in 2015, the then new Volvo XC90. The comparison stops at the sensation, since aesthetically it clearly has nothing to do with it. Here, the curve between the end of the roof and the end of the trunk follows an elegant rounding, while the four rings, in this case black, sit nicely at the bottom of the trunk.

The panoramic sliding roof, divided into two parts, provides, as always in a car, a pleasant light, especially since it was winter. This natural light that passes through the cabin necessarily has a certain cost, you will see this a little later.

In general, despite its somewhat compact SUV appearance, this Audi Q5 Sportback wants to be elegant and completely stylized so as not to attract too much attention. Naturally, the combination of district green and black, to which we add large tires with 21′ black cast aluminum wheels in 5 V-spoke “offset” style (bright turned), limits your power of discretion. In another tone, midnight blue or black for example, this sports car would give less to talk about when driving around the city. But it won’t lose its charm.

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What price does the Audi Q5 cost?

The price of the Audi Q5 Sportback is, for the basic model, 67,910 euros. The version we tested, the Audi Q5 Sportback (FYT) SLine 45 TFSI 265 Quattro S Tronic, sells for 87,665 euros. So 20,000 euros more.
This price difference is explained by the incorporation of different options compared to the so-called classic version: 21-inch wheels instead of 18 (3,550 euros), panoramic glass sliding roof (1,870 euros), head-up display (1,200 euros) , the electrically adjustable front seats (1,190 euros) and, among others, the district green color (1,120 euros).

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