Concrete, wood, stone… for your house, what is the most economical construction material?

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you ask yourself how to save when building your house? When carrying out your project, the materials of the exterior structures are important, but they are not the only ones. You will be able to save at all levels of your project.

The best material for a house is one that meets as many requirements and criteria as possible. in line with your priorities. Budget, insulation, comfort, environmental impact or even aesthetics…

Wood, the best material

Cinder block, brick, wood or concrete are the most economical materials. Choosing a construction wood is the most advantageous, in the short and long term. The material is economical to build and offers significant energy savings over time.

Wood has the advantage of being easy to transportTherefore, the construction time is short. More comfortable, less energetic, more ecological, more economical… so many positive points of wooden houses.

In general, the price of a wooden house starts from 300 euros per m².

Concrete and concrete blocks, the commitment

HE concrete blocks or concrete blocks They are undoubtedly the most popular and used masonry materials. Despite some shortcomings in terms of insulation, they are still very popular for wall construction today.

HE Concrete offers a very good quality-price ratio., it is also ecological. Its composition from gravel and water is natural. Concrete also has good sound insulation properties.

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Concrete blocks or concrete blocks are the most commonly used masonry materials. (©Lamax-AdobeStock)

Hollow brick and cellular concrete offer the best compromise between budget, quality and durability. Its purchase price is offset by insulating properties that allow making long term energy savings. Aerated concrete is made from lime, sand, aluminum powder and water. It is between concrete and stone in terms of properties. It is very solid and constitutes a good thermal and acoustic insulator.

For the concrete block, count approximately 50 to 100 euros per m2 ; for brick walls, from 70 to 120 euros per m².

Stone, aesthetic but expensive.

An ancient building material, stone is not completely obsolete. It is still used today to build new houses. Aesthetics is one of the great advantages of stones. They show undeniable authenticity and character.

But its high cost is enough to put you off. Calculate at least 400 euros per m² just for the stones and from 1,400 euros per m² for the construction of the house.

Finally, you can save on the choice of construction material, but also on the choice of windows For example. For a well-insulated house, it is advisable to opt for the POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. You can also choose between wooden windows, others made of PVC and aluminum, or even all aluminum.

For simpler jobs such as painting, paving or even choosing a kitchen, you can also save.


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