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    Did you work hard to get where you are? Or finish a project? Yes, but in our society, bragging about your successes can quickly make you arrogant in the eyes of your colleagues. Unless you use the method studied by the researchers. Find out which one.

    It is a fact that in our society success is sometimes frowned upon. So when it comes to showcasing your work, it can be difficult to choose your words so as not to sound boastful or arrogant. But according to researchers who have studied numerous speeches, there is a possible dose to talk about your merits while preserving your sympathy capital.

    Researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed an approach called “dual promotion” to solve this dilemma. It consists of praising the skills of your classmates before presenting your own progress and successes. Thus, the researchers carried out experiments in different situations, from laboratory interactions to political speeches in the American Congress, each time with a convincing result: this approach made it possible to improve the image of the person while preserving their perceived competence.

    Rate others, instructions for use.

    According to the method, valuing teamwork allows you to put yourself first without generating jealousy. That is how :

    • Show you’re a team player: Talking about the value and contributions of your teammates shows that you recognize the power of collaboration. This will highlight your ability to manage the team without talking about it directly;
    • Show confidence: Talking about the great work of others shows that you are not insecure. You are confident in your own role and the value of your own contributions;
    • Demonstrate leadership: Recognition from others is a key trait of great managers. When you do this, regardless of your title or position, it shows that you have leadership skills;
    • Praise your peers: People like to be recognized and that doesn’t happen enough these days. Additionally, it can have a real impact on how your colleagues perceive and treat you;

    Finally remember that very few of the victories we experience at work happen without the help of others. So a little extra effort to authentically greet your deserving teammates, but it’s worth it for them… and ultimately for you!

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