Education. Nearly 130 middle and high schools were targeted by malicious acts over the past week

“Almost 130” secondary schools and universities have been the target of threats of attacks and “malicious acts” through digital workspaces (ENT) since last week, the Ministry of Education announced this Monday. The establishments in question are located in the Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France and the Grand Est region, the ministry states.

In detail, the threats first appeared in 74 secondary schools in Île-de-France on Thursday. Then, on Friday, 22 secondary schools in Seine-et-Marne and 11 secondary and secondary schools of the Strasbourg Academy were attacked. On Saturday, 18 secondary and high schools in Hauts-de-France were attacked. Finally, others were in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department on Monday.

“Bomb Alerts”

For its part, the Haut-Rhin prefecture reported this Monday of “multiple bomb threats in schools”, which were “evacuated”. The Lower Rhine prefecture indicated that about “fifteen” secondary schools and universities spread across the department had received “messages regarding bomb threats” since Sunday night.

The rectorate of Reims announced that a dozen establishments had been the subject of threats of attacks through their hacked otorhinolaryngologists, in the Marne, Ardennes, Aube and Haute-Marne. According to the rectorate, some of the messages received contain a beheading video, such as the messages received last week by establishments in Île-de-France.

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