Figure 01: This robot with integrated GPT Chat that walks at 4 km/h and makes coffee would be the most advanced in the world

This is the latest revolution in the world of AI and robotics: the creation of Figure 01, a humanoid robot equipped with Chat GPT, the intelligent conversational model that has become so well known. The robot quickly made a splash. The video presenting it, published less than two weeks ago, has more than 1.6 million views.

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, is betting heavily on humanoid robots because he believes they can “help in everyday life” and this new partnership serves to “accelerate Figure’s commercial timeline,” reports Business Insider. The American start-up Figure, chaired by Brett Adcock, has the support of Microsoft, Amazon and Nvidia. It recently announced that it had raised $675 million, which would value the company at $2.6 billion.

Before this partnership, Figure 01 was considered in 2023 to be one of the most advanced robots in the world. This robot is the result of the work of key players from Boston Dynamics, Google DeepMind, Tesla and Archer Aviation, with the goal of creating “the world’s first commercially viable general-purpose humanoid robot.”

Very similar to humans, it moves at 4 km/h, can carry up to 20 kg and measures 1.60 m. You can perform many everyday tasks that require a lot of skill, such as making coffee. By October he already had learning and monitoring skills and was even prepared to work at BMW in mid-January.

A robot powered by Open AI

Now with the integrated Chat GPT conversational system, Figure 01, in addition to performing all types of daily tasks, can communicate in an extremely fluid and intelligent way. Because OpenAI allows the robot to understand spoken words, while Figure’s own neural networks allow it to capture this language through its numerous cameras. He can contextualize everything we see through his eyes and obeys our requests.

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