Here’s why Sumba has become the best destination against Bali! – St. Martin’s week

Tired of crowded beaches and noisy clubs in Bali? Looking for a more authentic experience and immersion in Indonesian culture? look no further Sumba is the ideal destination for you.

This little-known island in the Indonesian archipelago is a true haven of peace preserved from mass tourism. You will discover breathtaking landscapes, wild nature and a rich and fascinating ancestral culture.

Breathtaking and diverse landscapes to explore

Sumba offers an exceptional diversity of landscapes:

  • Heavenly beaches with crystal clear water: ideal for relaxing or practicing water activities such as diving or snorkeling.
  • Green hills and majestic mountains: ideal for hiking, trekking and horse riding.
  • Spectacular waterfalls and wild rivers: a charming setting for swimming or picnicking in nature.

A captivating ancestral culture to explore

Far from mass tourism, Sumba has managed to preserve its traditional culture. By visiting this island you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Sumbanese, a welcoming and warm people, and share their daily life.
  • Attend local ceremonies and festivals: weddings, funerals, animist rituals…
  • Discover local crafts: ikat weaving, wood carvings, silver jewelry…
  • Visit traditional villages with thatched stilt houses and peaked roofs.

Ecologically responsible accommodation for a stay with respect for nature

The Sumbanese, aware of the fragility of their environment, evolved ecologically responsible accommodation reduce the impact of tourism. You will be able to stay in ecological cottages or hostels that prefer:

  • Use of local and sustainable materials for construction.
  • Solar or wind energy to power the premises.
  • Cleaning and responsible management of waste and wastewater.
  • Employing local people and supporting the surrounding communities.

Sumba, a destination suitable for all types of travelers

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a family looking to share a unique cultural experience, Sumba will meet your expectations. There are many possible activities:

  • Surfing in previously unknown places.
  • A yoga and wellness retreat in the heart of soothing nature.
  • Photographs of grandiose landscapes and scenes of local life.
  • Participation in craft or traditional cooking workshops.

Don’t wait to be discovered Sumba, the ultimate anti-Balinese destinationand immerse yourself in the heart of authentic and preserved Indonesia. You will return dazzled and refreshed, with unforgettable memories in your mind.

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