Job creation, dematerialization: what the DFA said during the 40th plenary session of the AFE

“Digital and digital tools are not intended to replace men and women in consulates” In front of the advisors of the Assembly of French Abroad who met on the occasion of its 40thmy Plenary session on March 22, 2024 Pauline Carmona, director of French people abroad and consular administration (FDAE), took stock of consular activity. She indicates in particular: “thirty new positions will be created in the consular network starting on 1Ahem September 2024.” The year 2023 was also a record year: “For the first time, our positions had to process more than half a million applications for identity and travel documents, an increase of 35% in three years. »

Remote passport renewal: “encouraging” results

Regarding the modernization and dematerialization projects of the consular service, Pauline Carmona returned in particular to the first observations of the remote passport renewal experiment. Released on 1Ahem Starting in March 2024, it will allow residents of Canada and Portugal to apply for passport renewal without having to go to consular offices. “The first weeks passed in very encouraging conditions,” reports the director. As of March 18, 2024, the six participating positions had received a total of 154 applications. »However, the director explains that it is “too early to draw conclusions” and that “adjustments are still necessary” in the system.

Support for French people returning from expatriation was also discussed during the plenary session. As part of a “simplification and improvement of administrative procedures” program established by the government and divided into ten areas, a moment of life titled “I’m leaving, I’m alive, I’m coming back from abroad” in fact, it had been identified by the interministerial committee for public transformation in May 2023. To improve access to information for French people returning from abroad, the Dila (Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information) carried out, according to Pauline Carmona, a “complete review” of the information sheets, available on the public service website. These sheets cover all the topics that concern them – taxes, school enrollment, retirement, health coverage, employment, access to housing – and will be subject to “periodic updates.”

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