Middle and high school boarding schools

What is an intern?

A boarder is a student who is housed and fed during lunch and dinner. Accommodation can be provided at the school, at another establishment, in a hostel or with an external correspondent. In these last two cases, the internal student is called “external”.

A vector to reduce social and territorial inequalities

Hosting is much more than a hosting solution. Is about’ensure academic and educational success for all students that they are welcome there.

The boarding school offers various extracurricular activities adapted to the needs of students and taking into account local resources.

HE educational and pedagogical project of the boarding school It is presented during a back-to-school meeting so that the educational community, parents and inmates are informed.

Students in urban policy priority neighborhoods and rural areas are especially concerned. More generally, Students who do not have optimal conditions for academic success at home should be able to be accommodated there..

HE future investment program Contributes to the development of the boarding school. The National Urban Renewal Agency (ANRU) and the National Territorial Cohesion Agency (ANCT) are the operators according to the ministry responsible for national education.

The 21st century boarding school is an educational project built around key themes for the future of students. Seven have been defined: the arts, sports, digital technology, international openness, the environment, biodiversity and science. Until 2022, the means will be implemented to fundamentally transform boarding schools: establishing 240 boarding school projects and accommodating an additional 13,000 students.

Registration of internal students

The registration of inmates is the responsibility of the director of the establishment with boarding school.

The application file is published online on academic websites.. It brings together elements related to the student’s training, their profile, the motivations for the request and the different opinions of professionals interested in the student’s situation.

Boarding school admission criteria

The admission of interns takes into account different criteria:

  • university level and vocational education They are privileged;
  • geographical criteria : priority is given to students from isolated rural areas, from priority neighborhoods of urban policy and priority education, students whose family residence is far from the schooling or training center (field, specialty), particularly when this is rare ;
  • social criteria : Priority is given to students from families belonging to social environments that are further removed from the school culture or whose living conditions are not conducive to study;
  • family criteria : the lack of availability or difficulties of educational supervision are taken into account, as well as students who benefit from a child protection measure within the framework of the project for the child or adolescent;
  • a parity criterion : balance is sought between girls and boys;
  • academic criteria : All students, including those with special needs, are eligible to access boarding school if they and their family wish.


For the 2019-2020 school year, 222,812 boarding seats available spread across 1,529 establishments. 229 boarding schools are located in middle schools (i.e. 15%), 932 in high schools (i.e. 61%) and 368 in vocational high schools (i.e. 24%).

The global occupancy rate stands at 79.6% and shows a drop of 1.6 points in one year, but has remained stable over the last five years. However, this rate hides disparities both geographically (particularly abroad) and between levels of education (the employment rate is lower at university, for example).

At the beginning of the 2019 school year, 166,301 students are boarders in public education, or 3.5% of the students. Of them, 4.3% are high school students, 69% are general and technological high school students, and 26.7% are vocational high school students.

The quantified objectives for the development of boarding schools until 2022: 240 boarding schools in the project and 13,000 young people hosted.

  • The development, mainly in rural and mountain schools, of thematic residences: 100 residences created.
  • The relaunch of boarding schools of excellence that serve priority educational audiences and urban areas with at least one member establishment of the network of boarding schools of excellence per department, that is, 100 boarding schools of excellence : 70 middle schools and 30 high schools serving 2,800 high school students and 3,000 boarding high school students.
    307 boarding schools, spread throughout the territory, received the Boarding School of Excellence seal at the beginning of the 2021 school year. Among them, 54 benefit from the support of the Recovery Plan for the creation, rehabilitation or expansion of boarding schools in order to improve living conditions. student accommodation. The new boarding schools of excellence, whose work has already been delivered, will open their doors at the beginning of the 2022 school year.
  • The creation, renewal or development of 40 internships on professional campuses at the heart of future professional campuses and excellent qualifications.

financial aid

A boarding voucher It is awarded to all national scholarship students attending boarding schools, secondary schools, secondary schools or regional adapted education establishments (EREA). Strictly linked to the status of scholarship student, this bonus is progressive and is awarded based on the level of scholarship received by the internal student. Set by the decree of August 7, 2020, the amount of this aid is included between 258 and 423 euros from the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

The boarding school of the 21st century

Lever of social justice and territorial dynamism, the boarding school twenty-one centuryhow does it seem, It will be much more than a hosting solution. This is an educational project with a mode of operation adapted to the needs of students and their families, which offers secondary and high school students mobility to follow specific training, in a favorable study environment, allowing them to benefit from cultural activities. and sports.

Experience your education at a boarding school of excellence.

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