Nurseries and daycare centers: where to take your first steps in a multilingual environment?

Looking for a bilingual daycare or daycare? Abroad, there are, first of all, a certain number of private structures that welcome very young children. In the United Arab Emirates, the network Odyssey Nursery consists of several nurseries located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They offer bilingual education to children with the option to choose between English or French, as well as learning Arabic. Also in Dubai, the independent daycare” The enchanted garden » is also French-speaking and has welcomed children from eight months to five years since 2007. Similarly, the Acacia group has developed in Southeast Asia with branches in Bangkok (Thailand), Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Hanoi (Vietnam), offering both nursery and kindergarten. In addition, Bangkok schools have been approved by the AEFE to provide bilingual education in French.

In Europe, private nurseries are sometimes created by French expatriates themselves: this is the case of “ Little Agnes Nursery ” in London. Observing a strong demand for care for very young French-speaking children, three French people created this bilingual center in 2021.

Daycare services offered by French associations.

French associations abroad also sometimes offer daycare and daycare services. This is the case of Germany, where the association “ The French in the world Hamburg » created “Le Petit Prince”, a French establishment located in this city in the north of the country, aimed at very young children.

Also in Germany, the French-speaking nursery “Klein Gallier » was created in Hannover (land from Lower Saxony) of Franco-German parents. It welcomes 30 children who speak or learn French.

Daycare services in French establishments.

In addition to a school offer that can start from kindergarten, some French institutes have created childcare services. This is particularly the case of the Franco-Japanese international school in Tokyo. For the little ones, several options are offered: the classic nursery (with the possibility of choosing languages, including French, English and Japanese) or the nursery. This second alternative allows young children to be integrated into preschool or primary classes temporarily. In addition to serving as a bilingual daycare, this allows parents to try out the facility to decide whether to send their children there later.

For children attending school from kindergarten onwards, some French establishments also offer a childcare service outside of school hours. This system exists in particular in Spain, french international high school of alicante, and in portugal French secondary school in Lisbon. It is also found in Saudi Arabia with the French secondary schools of Jeddah and D’Al Khobarboth members of the French Secular Mission network.

Many options for French speakers in Canada

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