Specialty and elective course options at the start of the 2023 school year

Informative note No. 24.06

The most frequently chosen combination in the last year is “mathematics, physics-chemistry”, followed by “HGGSP, SES” and “physics-chemistry, SVT”. Artistic specialty courses and “physical education, sports practices and culture” are chosen less frequently, but are retained more between the first and last year. The abandonment of the “mathematics” specialty between first and last year is decreasing, for boys and even more so for girls. In addition, 38% of students chose to follow elective courses in the last year: 16% “expert mathematics”, 7% “law and major issues of the contemporary world” and 15% “complementary mathematics”. In total, 59% of students in the final general year follow mathematical teaching (+ 3 points compared to 2022), either in specialized teaching (44%) or in optional “complementary mathematics” teaching (15%). The first general students for the 2023 school year have changed their options very little compared to their seniors from the previous year. The proportion of students pursuing specialized “mathematics” education remains stable at 65%.

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Dauphin L., 2024, “Specialty Course and Optional Course Choices at Start of 2023 School Year,” Informative note, no. 24.06, DEPP. https://doi.org/10.48464/ni-24-06

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