Taxes 2024: salaries, allowances… What income should you declare?

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It hasn’t been officially launched yet, but some are already talking about it. The campaign of income tax return 2023 For 2024, taxation should begin, like every year, around April.

And even if the declaration is pre-filled out, sometimes it is difficult to know what to mark (and delete or add) or not, among the different incomes. Some are exempt, some are not.. It helps you see things a little more clearly.

The main income on which we pay taxes

In the vast majority, the figures that interest the tax administration refer to income linked to salaried activity. Thus we find:

  • Income received from a salaried activity: if this activity is carried out in parallel with studies (student jobs, summer jobs, etc.), they will only be taxed on income received beyond the annual limit of three times the amount of the monthly minimum wage ;
  • Income from self-employed activities such as non-trading profits (BNC), industrial and commercial profits (BIC), agricultural profits (BA). For example, we can mention home delivery of meals or independent drivers;
  • Capital gains on real and personal property;
  • Income from movable capital;
  • Land rent;
  • HE internship subsidies and bonusesas well as salaries received as part of an apprenticeship beyond an annual limit;
  • Scholarships awarded for specific work or research.

As part of a student work, the reduction is calculated automatically once the tax authorities are aware of the situation. To do this, simply check the correct box.

What box to check if you are a student?

• Check the “apprentices/interns” box if all your income relates exclusively to an internship or training period in a professional environment. You will benefit from a reduction in the income received as remuneration for your learning/internship contract.

• Check the “students” box if you were under 25 years of age on January 1, 2023 and all your income corresponds exclusively to an activity carried out during the school/university year or during school/university holidays. You will benefit from a reduction in the income thus received.

Please note that the tips paid by customers are exempt of contributions and contributions to social security from 2022.

What income is exempt from income tax?

Like many other sources of income. For example, most of family benefitspaid by CAF or otherwise, does not have to be declared.

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This refers :

  • Active Solidarity Income (RSA);
  • There activity bonus;
  • Family benefits: family allowances, childcare benefits, family supplement, housing allowance;
  • Education subsidy for disabled children, family support, back to school subsidy;
  • The daily allowance for the presence of parents and the fixed allowance paid in the event of the death of a child;
  • Benefits linked to a disability situation: disability compensation benefit (PCH), allowance for disabled adults (AAH), complementary resources and increase for independent living, etc. ;
  • IHousing allowance : personalized housing assistance (APL), social housing allowance (ALS), family housing allowance (ALF);
  • Exceptional year-end aid paid to beneficiaries of certain social minimums (“aguinaldo”);
  • There scholarship based on social criteria ;
  • Long-term illnesses (ALD);
  • Benefits received in execution of an insurance contract contracted within the framework of an optional complementary pension plan;
  • Compensation paid to asbestos victims;
  • Compensation paid to people suffering from diseases caused by radiation and compensation to victims of French nuclear tests.

It is not all. Certain income earned directly from work is also exempt from taxes. Here are which ones:

  • If you are under 25 years old as of 1Ahem January of the year, income received from a salaried activity carried out along with your studies (student jobs, summer jobs, etc.) if the total of these incomes is less than or equal to the annual limit of three times the monthly amount of the SMIC.
  • Wages received as part of your learningwithin the annual limit set (€19,744 for 2022).
  • HE compulsory internship subsidies of less than 3 months, forming an integral part of your school curriculum.
  • HE tips paid to apprentices (in application of article L. 124-6 of the education code), up to the annual amount of the minimum wage.
  • Scholarships awarded according to social criteria.

As a reminder, a simulator It is now available online to roughly estimate the tax to which we will be subject in 2024. Very practical when we know that this year the tax administration will implement a new scale.

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