The educational path for health

From kindergarten to high school, the health education course aims to ensure health education, prevention and health protection of students; It takes into account the children’s environment and the connection between their different moments in life.

What is the health educational itinerary?

Part of the educational continuum, the educational path for health prepares students to take care of themselves and others, to become responsible citizens in terms of individual and collective health. The new paradigm, the Health Promoting School, consolidates at a territorial level and through a multidisciplinary approach, the articulation of all education and transversal actions regarding health promotion within the school’s health promotion project, establishment, or networks of schools and establishments; Its positive and dynamic approach aims to strengthen favorable attitudes towards health through teaching and educational activities that are part of the teaching programs, the common base of knowledge, skills and culture, and transversal education.

Education, prevention, protection: the 3 axes of the educational path

Implementation of the educational itinerary for health. It concerns all schools and establishments. Its content is adapted to the needs of the students, their environment and the available resources.
The health education course is structured around three main undivided axes, health education, prevention and health protection. It is available in an individual and collective approach.
In line with the common core, it allows the acquisition of skills from kindergarten and at each stage of schooling and child development, in order to allow each future citizen to make informed decisions regarding health.
It is declined, at the individual level, in particular through the intervention of social and health services professionals and national educational psychologists, and at a collective level, through actions included in school and establishment projects. These actions are carried out by the health and citizenship education committees (CESC) that mobilize the entire educational community, including families and local partners (for example, regional health agencies, local authorities, associations, etc.). Health education and health promotion actions can lead to labeling Health promoting school.

Education and prevention areas

The areas of education and prevention bring together actions focused on one or more priority health topics, with an inclusive and supportive approach, as well as actions related to the following topics:

The expertise of health professionals, social service professionals and national education psychologists is mobilized particularly in the context of early identification of health disorders that could affect schooling and learning, to support students in their healthcare career or for any health promotion intervention.

The health protection axis

The health protection axis aims to create a climate of trust favorable to the health and well-being of all members of the educational community, students and adults. Is about :

  • Carry out actions aimed at creating a climate that promotes learning and contributes to better coexistence;
  • Implement approaches focused on the articulation of the different moments of the student’s life, the improvement of the establishment’s environment, ergonomics and the quality of maintenance of the premises, in conjunction with the territorial communities;
  • Make health resources available to students and their families, such as mandatory medical visits and examinations, schooling measures for health and disability reasons, systematic and on-demand examinations, nursing follow-up, social support, local health care systems children and adolescents (PMI, adolescent centers, psychiatry sector, “dys” network, etc.).

The agreement signed in 2016 between the ministries in charge of National Education and Health, as well as the Youth Health and Welfare plan, strengthen territorial collaborations and the framework in which the needs of students in terms of education are met. health and well-being in mind

Resources to implement the health education itinerary

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