The FNSEA wants a cessation plan for farmers in difficulty

“We must support dairy producers who are in a difficult situation, towards the cessation of activity. Particularly in the southwest. It is our responsibility to talk about these issues without taboos”declared the president of the FNSEA, Arnaud Rousseau, during the General Assembly of the National Federation of Milk Producers organized in Paris, on Tuesday, March 19.

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Two days later, he addressed this issue during a press conference dedicated to the FNSEA annual congress, which will begin on Tuesday, March 26 in Dunkirk. “Let’s agree to say that banks do not want to support certain profiles of farmers in difficulty. “The State must provide assistance to stop the activity.”before adding “I will not use the word “social plan,” because it has too many connotations.”

How many more farms will disappear in France in the coming months? Therefore, the hemorrhage should continue when we know that between 2010 and 2020 France lost nearly 100,000 farms and now has less than 389,000. The agricultural bill, which must be presented on Friday, March 29 to the Council of Ministers, has between Its objectives are the renewal of generations. In September 2023, the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau, once again reiterated the State’s commitment to installing 150,000 new farmers within ten years. This ambitious goal has since disappeared. The FNSEA, for its part, advocates an expansion of agricultural holdings and an increase in the size of livestock, which, according to it, is a guarantee of greater productivity.

disunited front

This issue may be discussed at the FNSEA congress in Dunkirk. In any case, this annual meeting will be marked by two main themes: the results of the weeks of mobilization on the ground and the European elections. Without forgetting, implicitly, the issue of the elections to the chambers of agriculture, scheduled for January 2025, the opportunity for agricultural unions to measure their weight among farmers.

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“There is a context of high expectations. “We invite all representatives of the different union sections to report on the work carried out by the FNSEA after two and a half months of action on the ground.”, explains Rousseau. Expectations are all the greater as the front is not united. The union brings together very diverse realities and the demands are very different from one sector to another and sometimes contradictory. Furthermore, we remember that the protest movements in the Southwest expressed themselves outside the union framework and that the FNSEA later wanted to regain control to negotiate with the government.

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