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Almost all the big brands specialized in very high-end cars, supercars, have included some SUV in their catalogue. Maserati is no exception with several versions of its Grecale, of which the Troféo name is the definitive variation. An autumn weekend on the roads of Normandy can only be pleasant in the cozy comfort of a Premium vehicle.

By Dominique Busso

In fact, this Grecale, an SUV with “reasonable” dimensions (4,859 x 1,979 x 1,659) and controlled weight (2,027 kg anyway) took over from the Levante. Therefore, this is not the firm’s first 4X4 with the Trident and Maserati has learned a lot from this first experience. There are several versions; the “basic” Grecale, already very nice, this Trofeo version, and finally the 100% electric Folgore (Tonnerre) with its 410 kW (557 HP), its 105 kWh battery and its announced autonomy of 500 km… and to be seen . Finally, as an anecdote, although the film is a surprising success, the Maserati Grecale Barbie, dressed all in pink, will be produced in only two copies, probably one also for Ken.

Our Trophy of the Day embodies the most extreme aspect of Maserati, with an explicit focus on performance without ever sacrificing comfort. This trim level is suitable for enthusiasts who view driving in terms of performance and luxury. It is the most powerful (530 HP, 0 to 100 in 3.8 s, 285 km/h) thanks to the famous engine that already powers the sensual – and magnificent – MC20, the 3-liter biturbo V6 Nettuno (2992 cm3) whose torque of 620 Nm provides authentic sensations.

The model I have is a beautiful matte metallic grey, Grigio Lava Matt (Matt Lava Grey) to be very precise (Option: €4,536), with a Rosso/Rosso interior, therefore red, to achieve the best effect. As for colors, the Grecale also has Bianco Astro, Nero Tempesta and Blu Intenso as standard, but you can have “your” custom paint thanks to the Fuoriserie program. “The machine” remains discreet despite its 21-inch matte aluminum wheels, its large black anodized exhaust outlets, its clearly visible red brake calipers and the Trident is present everywhere, like the silver Trofeo signature, to claim lineage, such as sportsmanship and refinement. , one does not exclude the other.

Getting in touch is easy. I appreciate the careful finishes and the few details that provide a nice complement, such as the 3D carbon fiber finish, for example, the perforated leather, associated with chevron motifs that underline the dynamism of the car. The interior looks fantastic in this Rosso color. Beautiful leather steering wheel (optionally heated: option €252), 360° camera system (option: €1,008), Head-up display, 12.3″ touch screen with integrated 8.8″ comfort screen and system navigation (Europe), velvet mats (front and rear), brushed stainless steel sports pedals…

All that remains is to take a seat after having adapted the electrically adjustable sports seats (14 positions) with memory for the driver, plugged in my iPhone and activated the high-end Sonus Faber audio system with its 21 speakers (Option: €2,520). While autumn was already well established and the freshness that accompanies it, it could have easily carried three additional passengers who could also have benefited from the heated rear seats (Options: €504) and have room for this short trip to Deauville, o Precisely to the Manoirs de Tourgéville a few kilometers away.

The trip is short, 194 kilometers from my office in the 8th arrondissement, but with enough different sections to understand all aspects of this Grecale. Leaving Paris is not the most interesting part, but the car drives silently through heavy traffic. The road ahead demonstrates the true qualities of highway driving, but I clearly preferred to abandon it as quickly as possible to drive on more pleasant roads and with the wonderful colors of nature in this season. The opportunity also to verify that the acceleration, even if moderate, as well as the handling, are precisely what we expect to discover in a car with these characteristics. Returning to this beautiful hotel to rest for a moment by the bar’s fireplace before returning to Emmanuel Andrieu’s kitchen at the 1899 restaurant was another pleasure of this short trip.

If the Grecale range starts at €84,000, the Trofeo version takes a jump with a base price of €117,200. We add up the few options and here we are, in the tested model, at €134,628. With 254 g of CO², this beautiful SUV does not escape the ecological penalty (60,000 euros from January). It still has a 3-year warranty, unlimited mileage, with the first 3 services included. And it’s a Maserati!




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