The missions of the DEPP, the public education statistical service

The DEPP: the statistics department of the Ministry of National Education

The DEPP develops objective, detailed and quality statistics and studies on the educational system to take stock of the educational system, in order to contribute to:

  • to public debate;
  • assistance with education management;
  • to the evaluation of the educational system in all its dimensions (evaluation of students, establishments, territories, systems and the educational system as a whole).

The DEPP is responsible for the statistical information system of the ministry responsible for national education. It is in charge of the directories and nomenclatures used in the Ministry’s information systems, which allows it to ensure the coherence of the data produced by the different Ministry services. Builds and manages information systems driven by Ministry management data, which uses and disseminates the results. Complement this data source with surveys of students or trainees, staff and establishments. In addition, it establishes the Education Account.

The DEPP also plays a role in terms of leadership in educational research. : Supervises and helps develop work that allows the evaluation of the educational system both internally and through collaborations with external partners. In this way, the DEPP supports research at various levels. It makes data available in a suitable conventional framework. Supports logistically, scientifically and/or financially evaluations of public policies or experiments and studies. Collaborate with specialist and recognized researchers to develop new tools and studies in order to better evaluate public policies or obtain relevant indicators. He also contributes his statistical knowledge to the research teams in matters of sampling, extracting specific samples for the research teams within the framework of agreements. It also contributes to the valorization of research results through the magazine. Education and formation.

The exercise of the DEPP missions also takes on two particular dimensions, territorial and international.

A territorial dimension

The DEPP ensures the management of the educational statistics network made up of the DEPP and the statistical services of the academy (SSA), which guarantees a reliable statistical information system, homogeneous in the territory and allows sharing with the SSA methods, studies, databases and indicators.

An international dimension

The DEPP provides European and international representation and expertise functions. It participates in European and international projects aimed at comparing the modes of operation and performance of different educational systems. In doing so, it contributes to the evaluation of policies implemented by the ministry and fuels public debate on education and training.

The DEPP: the Ministerial Statistics Service (SSM)

The DEPP is a ministerial statistical service (SSM) in its own right since October 28, 2016 (decree of 1Ahem February 2016); It is, therefore, part of the public statistics service (SSP), made up of INSEE and the ministerial statistical services that carry out statistical operations in their area of ​​competence. In addition, Decree No. 2023-1045 of November 16, 2023, which modifies Decree No. 2014-133 of February 17, 2014, makes explicit the professional independence of the DEPP.

The public statistical system is part of a European framework defined by Regulation (EC) No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 11 March 2009 on European statistics as amended by Regulation (EU) 2015/759. of the European Union Parliament and the European Council of April 29, 2015. The DEPP constitutes the national authority for the production of European statistics in the fields of education. DEPP is recognized by Eurostat as an “ONA” (Other National Authority) responsible, together with national statistical institutes, for “the development, production and dissemination of European statistics”.

Official statistics are based on a set of key values ​​shared by those who contribute to them: reliability, quality, independence, general interest, public service, usefulness, respect for respondents. These values ​​are also those that govern European statistics. All European statistical institutes have adopted a “Code of good practice”. which establishes common commitments, in the form of sixteen principles. It is by respecting these fundamental values ​​and listening to their users that official statistics play their full role.

Commitments in public statistics

  • professional independence of public statisticians;
  • impartiality and objectivity of statistics;
  • robustness and quality of statistical procedures;
  • confidentiality of information provided by individuals and companies;
  • reliability, relevance and consistency of the figures produced and disseminated;
  • accessibility and clarity of data made available to the public;
  • control the costs and burden involved in data collection and production.

Thus, official statistics share a set of rights and duties: the duty, for example, to respect the principles contained in the “Code of good practice for European statistics” based on objectives of quality, relevance and efficiency; the right, in particular, to access the data of the organizations that produce it, in exchange for the duty of confidentiality in its processing. It is thanks to this special status that the DEPP can commit to the confidentiality of the information collected or can access data from public statistical information systems. Among its duties is the obligation to publish the results of its statistical productions. A calendar of statistical publications therefore it is offered in the Studies and Statistics area of ​​the site, in accordance with the recommendations of the Official Statistics Authority.

Hiring procedure for heads of ministerial statistical services

Hiring of heads of ministerial statistical services (MUS) with the rank of directors of the central administration are carried out within the framework of a hearing commission provided for in decree no. 2016-663, of May 24, 2016, capable of judging the competences in statistical matters of the people whose appointment is considered. In addition, the hearing committee receives an opinion from the Official Statistical Authority (ASP) focusing exclusively on the candidates’ professional skills in the field of statistics. The conclusion of the opinion regarding the selected candidate is published in the Official Gazette at the same time as the appointment document.

The hiring of heads of ministerial statistical services (MUS) is governed by decree n°2016-664 of May 24, 2016, which provides for the hearing of candidates by a commission ad hoc, chaired by the secretary general of the ministry responsible for employment or by his representative. A member of the public statistics service will systematically be present during the hearings.

Composition of the DEPP

  • Director: Magda Tomasini
  • Head of department, deputy to the director: Jean-Michel Quenet
    • Mission to European and international relations: Robert Rakocevic
    • Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Education and training”: Caroline Simonis-Sueur
    • Human Resources and Finance Department: Cynthia Szelong
    • Responsible for network animation. DEPPSSA : Pascal Andrew
  • Statistics and Summaries Subdirectorate: Nathalie Caron
    • Assistant Director: Erwan Coubrun
    • Expert in analysis of educational inequalities: Olivier Monso
    • Office of statistical studies on adult training, learning and youth integration: Aurore Domps
    • Office of Student Statistical Studies: Laurence Dauphin
    • Education Account Office: Sylvie Rousseau
    • Office of nomenclatures and directories: Christian Burel
    • Personnel Statistics Office: Guillemette Buisson
  • Subdirectorate of Evaluations and School Performance: Thierry Rocher
    • Expert in assessing the skills of young people and adults: Fabrice Murat
    • Office of Support for Public Policy Evaluation and Research Support: Axelle Charpentier
    • Student evaluation design and management office: Sandra Andreu
    • Office of statistical and psychometric studies on student evaluation: Stéphanie Mas
    • Office of Studies on Establishments and Priority Education: Marine Guillerm
    • Teaching Practice Studies Office: Christelle Raffaëlli
  • Quality and Statistics Support Services Center: Johara Khélif
    • Data Quality and Valuation Office: Ronan Vourc’h
    • Valuation and editing department: Souphaphone Douangdara
    • Center for statistical computing and decision support: Jean-François Pérez

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