The work program and activity report of the Directorate of Evaluation, Prospective and Performance (DEPP)

DEPP Activity Report 2022

“This annual report reflects once again the involvement of all DEPP agents to develop and disseminate objective, documented and relevant statistics, studies and evaluations on the educational system. The work carried out during 2022 has contributed to fueling a public debate of quality on education, to inform public policies and to evaluate the educational system in all its dimensions. This report also illustrates our capacity for renewal and innovation to better respond to new questions and take into account new perspectives.

Fabienne Rosenwald, DEPP director

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The DEPP work program

Axis 1: DEPP active in public debate

  1. Inform on the state of the education system for different audiences: develop publications, contribute to public experience, maintain and enrich the ministerial statistics site on education.
  2. Develop and disseminate documented data: engage in better information for families and youth, provide structured statistical information
  3. Carry out summary work: report on education spending, propose territorial approaches, produce summaries on main topics.

Axis 2: DEPP at the service of evaluation and management

  1. Produce an annual photograph of students and apprentices: identify all students and apprentices at each beginning of the school year, know the results of the exams
  2. Follow the journey of young people in the educational system, their achievements and their integration: report on the journey of students and apprentices, evaluate student achievements, measure the integration of students and apprentices
  3. Know the national educational personnel, their professional trajectories and their practices: produce an annual statistical evaluation of the personnel, contribute to the knowledge of professional trajectories, shed light on different dimensions of teaching work: working conditions, teaching practices.
  4. Contribute to the management and evaluation of the educational system, establishments, territories, academies: provide experience to the ministry, develop and provide data and analysis on establishments, territories, academies.
  5. Promote the work of evaluating public policies and promote educational research: provide a diversity of actors involved in educational policies with methodological support to think about the evaluation of their actions, facilitate access to educational data for researchers and disseminate the results of the investigations.

Axis 3: DEPP at the center of educational statistics networks

  1. Develop the Depp Network: Academic Statistical Services – Bring a Depp SSA community to life, share, group, create tools, analyzes and studies together.
  2. Play an active role in the construction of statistics at an international level and their use: contribute to the knowledge of the educational systems of European countries, contribute to the development and knowledge of international indicators.
  3. Participate in French and European public statistics on education: develop French, European and international public statistics on education, collaborate in the work and publications of public bodies in the field of education.

Axis 4: The DEPP learning organization

  1. Inform, exchange, anticipate and support changes: support agents on a daily basis, support change and the use of new sources, communicate with partners.
  2. Enrich the information system and repositories and consolidate quality: manage and enrich the repositories, lead the network of interested parties in the development of our information systems, implement the quality approach for official statistics.
  3. Create a community with researchers: foster collaborations with researchers, host doctoral students in teams and promote scientific production internally

The DEPP work program for 2022

The work program for 2022 of the Directorate of Evaluation, Foresight and Performance (DEPP), the statistical service of the Ministry of Education, is, to a large extent, a continuation of the previous ones with both long-term work, in terms of production of data such as and statistical studies, but also continuous investments to improve statistical information systems, studies and evaluations.

It is framed in a context of growing demands directed at the DEPP to contribute to the public debate on education, to help manage public educational policies and evaluation in all its dimensions (evaluation of students, establishments, territories, systems, public policies and education). system as a whole).

It is based on the recommendations of the CNIS but also of the CEE (School Evaluation Council) and on regular exchanges with the partners and users of the DEPP studies, the union organizations of the staff of the ministry responsible for education, the academies, the ministerial departments, researchers, journalists and parliamentarians. It is organized around four main themes: students, staff, establishments and territories.

Calendar of upcoming statistical publications

The Directorate of Evaluation, Forecasting and Performance (DEPP), a static ministerial service since October 28, 2016, designs and produces data and indicators on the situation of the French education system. It is committed to the objectives of quality, transparency, efficiency and independence in compliance with the recommendations of the Official Statistical Authority. It is obliged to publish the results of its statistical productions and announces the publication schedule.

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