Threats of attacks and bomb threats put pressure on national education

Since Thursday, March 21, schools are facing a wave of hacking of digital work environments (ENT), services aimed at creating a link between students, teachers and families. In recent days, 130 middle and secondary schools in the Ile-de-France, Haute-France and Grand Est have received threats of attack, according to the Ministry of National Education. There were also 800 bomb threats recorded in the fall of 2023, and others have been received since then.

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The slogans are not unambiguous. In Ile-de-France, the threats received by establishments in the Ile-de-France region continued on Thursday, the modus operandi of the Islamist attacks, with the sending of a beheading video. In Alsatian establishments, on Monday, March 25, a message signed “LaFranceDavant” expresses the will “exterminate all Arabs and Muslims present” in secondary schools. In other places, bomb threats are made without specific demands.

A well-established protocol is implemented to respond to these incidents. Thus, at the Strasbourg Academy, this Monday the 29 affected establishments were evacuated and inspected by the police to clear up doubts before reopening a few hours later, declares the rectorate. In Lille, the police secured the surroundings of the affected establishments on Monday morning and the rectorate’s mobile security teams were mobilized. Otorhinolaryngology services are also suspended, sometimes for several days, while situations are addressed and access accounts are reestablished. A complaint is systematically filed.

“Destabilization attempts”

Even if educational teams take these threats with great caution, malicious acts contribute to the spread of“an anxiety-provoking climate” in educational establishments, judge Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of SNES-FSU. “We know that these acts are usually the result of young, somewhat geeky people, but the staff cannot help but think that the school, which has become a target, is the object of attempts to destabilize it”, comments the unionist. Every teacher remembers the terrorist murders of teachers Samuel Paty, in October 2020, and Dominique Bernard, in October 2023.

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“My facility was not affected, but I still sent a message this Monday morning to remind procedures and reassure all students and their families after receiving a few messages from concerned parents.”reports a director from Lille who wishes to remain anonymous.

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