Trend in restaurants, how flavored butters can enhance your recipes

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TRUE food trend coming out of the kitchens of the great restaurants, the flavored butters We enhance our dishes in the blink of an eye.

Simple to prepare and easy to serve, flavored butter will revolutionize your recipes and the decoration of your table. We often imagine that these delicious mini butter dishes served on large tables require hours of preparation. Not at all, just a little anticipation.

the helping hand

There quality ingredients is essential. Choose one farm butter preferably. The operation also works with low-fat butter but the flavor will be very different.

Simply place the butter in a bowl and let it soften at room temperature. Then work the butter into a smooth, ointment-like paste.

The mixture must be homogeneous. Add the ingredients (we’ll come back to this later), place the mixture on plastic wrap and roll it as tightly as possible to form a cylinder.

Preferably choose a farm butter to make your flavored butter. (©JeanLuc/AdobeStock)

You can also shape the butter in mini containers. Do harden for two hours in the refrigerator. The butter will then keep for four days in the refrigerator.

tastes and colors

Child, prepare a butter with fleur de sel adding crystals. Serve with tender spring vegetables. You can add dried thyme to give it a fresh effect.

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Even simpler, choose a Guérande salt, already flavored with Espelette pepper, you will give it a note of color. For your fish and seafood, add salt already flavored with seaweed. A real pleasure…

flavored butter
It’s easy: prepare fleur de sel butter by adding crystals. (©Noble Nature/AdobeStock)

We tried carrot butter made with the juice, just add a touch of cinnamon or cumin to take your taste buds on a trip. Radish and chive butter is also excellent.

Slide fresh herbs (parsley, chervil), organic lemon zest, grated truffle, dried tomatoes, garlic garlic, wasabi… Get the most out of it with toasted peanuts, grated coconut, maple or agave syrup. With flavored butter, let your creativity express itself!


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