Goodyear, the American manufacturer facing a global tire blowout scandal

Ten years. Ten years of an incredible crusade, led in the shadows by a penniless widow, sheltered in her town in Franche-Comté, and directed against a powerful multinational, Goodyear, the third largest tire manufacturer in the world. An unbalanced and, above all, perfectly desperate fight; At least that’s what we thought… And still. Armed only with her conviction and an iron will, Sophie Rollet is on the verge, with the help of unlikely allies, of achieving the impossible: bringing corporate America to its knees.

1Ahem July 2020, The world had revealed the search for this former nanny. Devastated by the sudden disappearance of her husband, Jean-Paul, a truck driver who died in the summer of 2014 on the A36 motorway, less than 10 kilometers from her home, she was never satisfied with the official version, that of a dramatic but banal accident. traffic due to the unfortunate burst of an overheated tire…

From her old building in Geney (Doubs), a village of 150 inhabitants, Sophie Rollet spent a decade trying to prove Goodyear’s responsibility in numerous heavy vehicle accidents, in France but also throughout Europe, including the one that cost her husband her life. However, according to multiple confidential documents that The world is able to reveal, the facts seem to prove him right.

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Internal emails, secret tables, hidden strategies or figures… These elements, related in particular to numerous European countries, document a global scandal with serious consequences: the Goodyear company is today accused of not having alerted the public about the possible defects of manufacturing. which affected several tens of thousands of tires manufactured in Luxembourg and caused numerous accidents… The French justice and administration were slow to become aware of the problem.

In reality, the adventure began a few years before the fatal collision with Jean-Paul Rollet; perhaps due to another traffic accident, just as “ordinary”, just as tragic. Every year thousands of accidents occur on French roads, which, as a general rule, are only covered by the local press. Like this September 15, 2011, when the Free lunch Title on inside pages: “New drama on A9: two dead and five injured.”

“Doom” strikes again

The newspaper indicates that the day before, shortly before 1 p.m., the left front tire of an Italian heavy truck carrying a shipment of tomato juice and aluminum coils exploded near Loupian, in Hérault. “The Italian truck driver died, his Hungarian colleague was seriously injured and was evacuated by helicopter to Montpellier after a long extrication.” says the article. In their results report, the gendarmes point out that “The first heavy truck crossed the median to collide with another heavy truck that was traveling in the opposite direction; three other light vehicles were involved in the accident.”. The tire in question is a Goodyear model, Marathon LHS II. Destiny, we think…

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