Stuffed animals and duvets from several French football clubs are removed from the market due to the risk of suffocation

Be careful if you have recently purchased a children’s stuffed animal or comforter from a professional sports club, especially a football club. Six Poupluche brand products are being recalled, the Rappel Conso website announced this Monday, March 25, mainly due to the risk of access to the filling of the stuffed animals, which could be ingested by small children.

These are the “Orsu standing plush” of the AC Ajaccio club, the “Doudou Vik” of SM Caen, the “Doudou Saly” of Le Havre AC, the “Maurice mascot plush” of TFC, the “keys of the Porte mascot”. Billy” from US Créteil and finally from the “stuffed mascot Gothiques Amiens”, the city’s ice hockey club.

Products sold during the end of year holidays

All of these products were sold between December 1, 2023 and March 11, when they were removed from shelves. They were on sale in the official stores of the affected clubs, namely Ajaccio, Caen, Le Havre, Toulouse, Créteil and Amiens, but also on the clubs’ websites (with the exception of Créteil).

The Ajaccio stuffed animal and the Havre and Caen stuffed animals saw some of their seams give way after a safety test, making “the padding accessible.” This presents a risk of ingestion by small children, making the product non-compliant for safety reasons.

In Amiens and Toulouse, it is the “rigid parts” located respectively on the tail and on the arms of the stuffed animals that are defined as “dangerous for children under 10 months and for children who cannot sit up alone”, also due to a Risk of ingestion and then suffocation for a very small child. Lastly, the US Créteil keychain has a “breakable metal hook.”

If you have one of these products, from one of the recalled lots, we invite you not to use them anymore and return them to the store until May 10. An exchange or refund will be made according to the withdrawal procedure.

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